#Singyourfate London

We are putting the callout to all UK Songbirds to help us create something special to celebrate HADESTOWN arriving at the Lyric Theatre, London in February 2024.


Celebrate Hadestown coming to London, by filming yourself lip-syncing to the track ‘Wait for Me’ and submitting your video below.


We want you to film your lip syncs in locations around the UK that are unique and special to you and where you live. You can film by yourself, in pairs or in a group. Be creative!


Lip sync to the track ‘Wait for Me’ from the Hadestown soundtrack, between the time periods of 02:30 (Wait for me…) and 03:12 (I’m coming…)

Please film all videos in vertical format. Videos can be captured on your phone or camera.
Your video should be minimum of 10 seconds and maximum of 45 seconds.
Note: we will not using any sound from your videos.

Video submissions close 23 November, 2023.

All video files must be 45 seconds (or less) in duration and less than 120MB in size.

You can upload directly from your phone or via your laptop or computer.


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Banner image of Orpheus & Eurydice Photo of Orpheus & Eurydice - two of the Hadestown leads - embracing
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